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Dockrider Systems - Product Information - SunDock System

The SunDock System is especially useful for:
  • Waterfront properties in an area that demands a high degree of weather resistance.
  • Waterfront properties needing a deep-water access solution that requires minimal environmental impact
    or total square footage of dock shading to satisfy regulatory agencies.
  • The SunDock System is an environmentally conscious alternative to a traditional decked-walkway dock.
  • The SunDock System is an affordable personal monorail system to transport people and gear from a waterfront property to a deep-water access terminal platform.
  • Dockrider Systems has developed the SunDock Track to be stronger than a traditional decked-walkway dock and less prone to weather damage because of its open structure design and continuous beam stringers.
  • The SunDock Track can be built by any qualified dockbuilder and can be less expensive than a traditional dock because it has less material.
  • The SunDock Rider is a guided vehicle specially designed to ride on the SunDock Track.
  • The SunDock Rider is self-contained, having redundant batteries and battery chargers.
  • The SunDock Rider is motorized with redundant drive systems.
  • The SunDock Rider has a railing with a latching gate.
  • The SunDock Rider is constructed with marine grade components.

The following three videos provide more information about the SunDock System.
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2006 Video of Dockrider's SunDock System
Press play on the picture below.

New! Short Promo-Video of Dockrider's SunDock and the new Eco-friendly construction technique
Press play on the picture below.

New! Video of more detailed information about how the Green Machine builds the SunDock without touching the marsh
Press play on the picture below.

To download a prospectus on a Homeowner's Guide to Innovative Dock Design, click the link below.

SunDock FAQ | SunDock Press Release | SunDock Brochure

Dockrider Systems' SunDock System

Here are just some of the advantages of building a SunDock System versus a traditional dock with decking.

  • Weathering the Storm - The SunDock Track structure was carefully engineered to be less prone to dock damage from upward wave action caused by a hurricane, Nor’easter or other severe weather. With a traditional decked-walkway dock, the planking is over 90% of the surface area and usually takes the brunt of storm damage -- with fierce waves lifting off boards or even entire sections of dock. With the SunDock, however, the water can surge up between its stringers causing minimal damage, if any. The SunDock Track structure is only 1/5th the surface area of a traditional dock and each rail is a multispanning continuous beam, which is very strong and contributes to the longevity of the structure.
  • Minimal Environmental Impact - The SunDock Track structure has been designed to have the least amount of dock shading possible. Recent studies have shown that dock shading destroys the aquatic vegetation and increases the effects of erosion.
  • Dock Permitting - Since regulatory agencies prefer a dock with minimal environmental impact, the SunDock Track is more likely to be permitted than a traditional dock. The total square footage is measurably reduced, which means waterfront homeowners may not have to pay a Submerged Land Lease or deal with delays during the dock permitting process.
  • Convenient & Easy to Operate - The SunDock Rider takes you to the end of the dock effortlessly. Two on-board push buttons or a long range remote control operates the Rider. The battery powered, guided SunDock Rider can travel the equivalent of 15 miles on a single charge and reserve batteries are available with the turn of a switch. The SunDock Rider comfortably transports 1,200 pounds (people and/or provisions), which eliminates the need for making multiple trips.
  • Safe & Secure - The SunDock Rider has several built-in features to ensure its safe operation. The Rider automatically comes to a smooth stop when it gets to the end of the Track. The passengers are fully surrounded by a strong railing and latching gate to allow all the riders to enjoy the ride. It has lights for nighttime operation and sensors that stop the vehicle if an object is in its path. Redundant drive systems ensures a hassle-free operation. Plus, nearly all of its parts can be found at West Marine or Grainger Industrial Supply.
  • Increased Home Security - The SunDock Track structure makes it extremely difficult for would-be intruders to burglarize homes from the water since the narrow platform discourages pedestrian access.