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Dockrider Systems’ promotes deep-water access with minimal environmental impact.

Georgia Dock Permit - Fast-Track Permit Application
The Georgia Department of Natural Resources Coastal Resource Division (GA DNR CRD) provides the Fast-Track Permit Application on their website. Dockrider Systems will provide you with the proper documentation for the SunDock System when you permit your dock. The GA DNR CRD is aware of Dockrider Systems and the SunDock System as an alternative to a traditional wooden-plank decked walkway.
Please send an email to for more assistance.

Riparian Rights
Dockrider Systems is committed to maintaining waterfront property owner’s riparian rights in addition to preserving the wetlands that their dock bridges to reach deep-water access.
Dockrider Systems recognizes that healthy riparian areas serve many important functions, including purifying water by removing sediments and other contaminants; reducing the risk of flooding and associated damage; reducing stream channel and streambank erosion; increasing available water and stream flow duration by holding water in stream banks and aquifers; supporting a diversity of plant and wildlife species; maintaining a habitat for healthy fish populations; and providing water, forage, and shade for wildlife.

Cumulative Dock Shading Research
The cumulative effects of dock shading are gaining more attention as coastal populations increase. Numerous studies confirm that dock shading has a direct link to the decline in vegetation density underneath docks.

In the following list, you will find links to various websites of dock permitting agencies and environmental organizations and publications. Information on these websites: dock permits, environmental literature and research regarding estuaries, submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) and dock shading impacts