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Dockrider™ Systems LLC , has solved boat and dock owners' long-time dilemma: How to conveniently and safely transport provisions and/or people back and forth from their waterfront properties to their end of their docks?

With our pioneering approach to solving an age-old problem, Dockrider Systems stands to transform the waterfront real estate industry. We also seek to improve wetland and aquatic ecosystems by reducing the cumulative dock shading impacts. (See Helping the Environment.)

Fathers of Invention

It was a chance meeting between two fellow boaters and entrepreneurs that was the catalyst for creating Dockrider Systems. “My wife and I had returned from a weekend of boating along the Intracoastal Waterway in Northeast Florida,” recounts John Rob Holland, one of the company’s co-founders.

Holland ’s track record of thinking “out-of-the-box”, then building a successful company around his ideas speaks for itself. He founded Sally Corporation over 25 years ago, which today has become one of the world’s leading theme park robotics and dark ride companies. He has also invented all sorts of gadgets, gizmos, software products, how-to videos and more. That’s in addition to his successful 30-year dental practice in Northeast Florida.

Moving Violations

“My long-time friend, Walter Lampe,” Holland continues, “had also recently returned from a boating trip. I told him about seeing a small pick-up truck sitting on the edge of a dock over some pristine marshland. Can you believe it? People are trying to move gear and guests by driving vehicles or golf carts out to the end of their docks. But it’s hazardous for the driver and potentially harmful to the environment.

“So we thought, ‘What if there was an easier, safer, more environmentally friendly way to accomplish this, so people didn’t always have to make multiple trips back and forth? Or worse, try to drive some kind of vehicle out to the end of the dock?’ It was a light bulb moment,” Holland grins. Soon afterwards, he and Lampe formed Dockrider Systems LLC , our inventive design, manufacturing and direct-sales company.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Introducing…

  • The SunDock™ System allows waterfront homeowners to gain deep-water access with the most weather resistant and economical dock possible. It is also eco-friendly because it has less dock shading than any other dock design.
  • The DockCaddy™ carries people and gear down a traditional dock. It is a motorized weatherproof dockbox that can stow 20-cubic feet of cargo, as well as seat three people on its closed lid. It is guided by a simple 2by4 footrail.
  • The DockChauffeur™ is an attractive, handcrafted wooden passenger and cargo dockbench. It comes complete with lights, stereo system, an accessories power source and other amenities. It is guided by the multipurpose DockRail™.
  • The DockRail™ mounts on a traditional dock and serves as the guide rail for the DockChauffeur, a footrail for pedestrian safety, and a conduit to carry water and powerlines. Made of durable aluminum tube with specially engineered expansion joints, it mounts securely to the dock with stanchions eight feet apart.

Our Priority # 1: Your Safety

All Dockrider products automatically slow down and stop as they approach either end of their track, even if their onboard or remote-control drive switches are engaged.

All Dockrider products will automatically stop the vehicle if an object or person is directly in the 10-foot range of its electric eyes. They are well illuminated so they can be easily seen and light the dock as they travel. “Walter and I insist that safety and reliability are our first priorities,” Holland asserts.

Tomorrow’s Dock Today

“It’s exciting to offer a modern solution to an age old problem,” the affable inventor, entrepreneur and dentist affirms. “Sometimes I can’t even sleep, just thinking about it. There is nothing like Dockrider’s products on the marketplace. We can enhance the waterfront realty industry both economically and environmentally. Now, your dock isn’t just a necessary means to an end. It becomes an almost magic-like corridor that’s safer, more convenient, ecological and fun. It truly becomes a modern pathway to adventure.”