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Above: "Dockrider's SunDock" Video
Below: NEW SunDock Overview Video
  • Innovative Deep Water Access Presentation
  • SunDock Design and Builder Specifications
  • 08-09-2006 Dockrider News Release Pictures
  • 04-18-2008 ANNOUNCEMENT: NEW!! Green Heron Docks offers a turn-key solution for the SunDock System. The SunDock can now be built without any construction damage to the marsh. Dockrider Systems and Green Heron Docks have developed the ToPS (Totally Piling Supported) Technique of Dock Construction. The new "Green Machine" drives pilings and has a suspended work platform for constructing the SunDock. Go to our Green Heron Docks website for more information.
  • Dockrider Systems specializes in providing deep-water access solutions for waterfront properties,
    especially for properties needing to cross 100 or more feet of a riparian area to reach deep-water, properties in situations that demand a high degree of weather resistance, and properties needing a dock that requires minimal environmental impact to fulfill regulatory requirements.
  • Dockrider Systems, located in Jacksonville, Florida, designs, manufactures, sells, and installs guided vehicles, which are remote-controlled, battery-powered, and motorized. All of the guided vehicles automatically stop when reaching the end of their track.
  • Dockrider Systems’ versatile products, the SunDock, DockChauffeur and DockCaddy, provide safe and efficient travel down long docks from residential waterfront properties to deep-water-access platforms.

SunDock - Hurricane Resistant, Affordable, Environmentally-Friendly Dock Alternative

  • The SunDock System is an alternative to a traditional decked walkway dock. The SunDock is an ideal solution for homeowners who prefer a more weather resistant dock, and those who choose to be more environmentally responsible.
  • Dockrider Systems has developed the SunDock to address two major flaws of the traditional decked-walkway dock: poor resistance to surging waves and dock shading impacts on vegetation.
  • Principal Advantages of SunDock Track over Traditional Decked-Walkway Dock
    Strength – It is engineered with high regards to maximizing structural integrity and minimizing surface area. The SunDock Track has reinforced construction that is stronger than a traditional dock and has 1/5th the surface area to reduce the impacts of surging waves.

  • Economical – The SunDock Track is designed to survive surging water and any qualified dockbuilder can construct it using established dock-building methods and materials. It has no deckboards, therefore can be less expensive to build than a traditional dock.
    Minimal Environmental Impact – The SunDock Track allows sunlight to reach vegetation underneath the dock. The SunDock Track has less dock shading than any other dock design.
  • The SunDock Track is 1/5th the surface area of a traditional 5ft wide walkway which means the SunDock can extend 5 times as far as a traditional dock with the same square footage.

  • Remote Controlled – All the Dockrider products can be operated with a long range remote control, allowing you to send or call the vehicle without riding.
  • Golf Cart Dangers – Driving a golf cart on your dock is risky. Can you relax while you look for obstacles, steer perfectly straight, or drive in reverse? Would you let your kids drive? Can you send or call you golf cart by remote control?
  • Weather Resistance/Durable – Each Dockrider system has been engineered for durability and to withstand the harsh, corrosive environmental conditions that affect your dock. All hardware is stainless steel; electronics are marine grade and protected; the carts’ steel frame is sealed and powder-coated.
  • Riparian Rights - Dockrider Systems is committed to maintaining waterfront property owner’s riparian rights in addition to preserving the wetlands that their dock bridges to reach deep-water-access.
  • Dockrider Systems recognizes that healthy riparian areas serve many important functions, including purifying water by removing sediments and other contaminants; reducing the risk of flooding and associated damage; reducing stream channel and streambank erosion; increasing available water and stream flow duration by holding water in stream banks and aquifers; supporting a diversity of plant and wildlife species; maintaining a habitat for healthy fish populations; and providing water, forage, and shade for wildlife.